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Lester brings a dynamic career spanning consultative solution sales, operations, and finance, with experience leading startups as a CEO and much more. Known for driving revenue growth and building robust client relationships, Lester achieved outstanding results in software sales during his roles at Synopsys and Black Duck Software, securing deals with major clients such as Equifax, Citi Bank, Synchrony Financial, ADP, Freddie Mac, and others, earning recognition as #1 Sales rep of the year globally and frequent flyer to Presidents Club.

In his role as CEO at Maine Flower Holding Corp, Lester showcased strong leadership by tripling gross sales from $1.5MM to $4.5MM, expanding retail locations, and successfully launching four brands. Today, as an Enterprise Sales Manager at Percona, Lester leverages his expertise to assist enterprise companies in optimizing database performance.

Beyond his professional pursuits, Lester actively engages in volunteer work, serving as a Sales Mentor at Harvard Business School, Strategic GTM & Sales Advisor at RNMKRS, an Advisor to the Board at Elevated Thought, and holding advisory board positions at CGM Sports & AccountAim. With a proven track record of success across diverse roles, Lester is a strategic leader blending business acumen with a passion for innovation and growth.

What Clients are Saying

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Since working with Lester, we’ve seen a significant improvement in sales results! He unlocked a whole new perspective for me. Not just on how to approach sales, but on improving communication and making meaningful conversation with prospects and customers.

Devdut Dala


Lester has been an incredible mentor and asset for us at CGM Sports as he continually pushes us to be the best version of ourselves. Lester has been selfless and is willing to help us work through our company's most difficult problems. He is always willing to go the extra mile for us and has helped me progress as an entrepreneur and leader.

Ryan Hetrick

Founder & CTO
CGM Sports

Lester’s coaching has had an immediate positive impact on me and has enabled me to take ownership in my career. I appreciate his direct communication style, high level of professionalism, and his years of tried-and-true experience he brings to the table. I am continuously improving personally and professionally under his mentorship.

Chris Collard

Business Development Director
Educate 360

There are 3 words to describe the impact of Lester's mentorship: valuable, authentic, and life-changing. Through learning from his experiences and expertise, I've truly become a better overall human being.

Ronsan Mendoza

Financial Advisor
Northwestern Mutual

Lester has been instrumental in advising AccountAim’s GTM efforts. He has the unique ability to dive deep into tactical sales coaching while also understanding the bigger picture of launching a startup. He has had a hugely positive impact on our traction as a business.

James Geyer

Co-Founder & COO

Lester has been instrumental in shaping our startup's strategy and growth plans. His guidance in our negotiations with a high-profile athlete was invaluable, and his willingness to assist in all areas of our business has been exceptional. Lester's expertise and dedication have truly been a cornerstone of our success.

Sean Woods

CGM Sports

Working with Lester was critical to my transition into B2B sales. He helped me develop a framework that I have used to thrive in my role as an Account Executive. That success helped me get promoted into sales leadership, and now train a team of people in a similar fashion.

Chris Cooper

Sr. Director of Sales
Educate 360

Lester is an extremely empathetic and self reflective individual who finds genuine joy in helping others and contributing to their success. In just one year, I learned more about sales from Lester than I did in the past several years of my professional career. Lester is more than just my sales mentor, he’s a great friend 💪

Joseph Krikorian

Sr. Business Development Rep

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Start-up GTM & Sales Consulting

Embark on a transformative journey with our Start-up GTM & Sales consulting services.

Too often, startup sales are steered by founders and CEOs who lack prior sales experience or haven't led a sales cycle before. Through my extensive involvement in advisory boards, guiding startup founders and CEOs in their Sales and GTM strategies, I've witnessed recurring challenges that can be swiftly resolved with the expertise of a seasoned sales professional.

Here are the common hurdles I frequently encounter:

  • Ineffective discovery calls
  • Difficulty in identifying pain points that drive prospects to purchase
  • Lack of insight into the buyer's journey
  • Insufficient collaboration in crafting mutual outcome plans
  • Struggles in advancing opportunities through the pipeline to closure
  • Time wasted on opportunities unlikely to materialize
  • Overly optimistic outlook on opportunities
  • Determining product market fit

Let me guide you through these obstacles and unlock the full potential of your startup's sales journey.

If you're grappling with any of the challenges mentioned above, don't hesitate.

Reserve your FREE 30-minute consultation now to explore how I can also assist you and your team.

  • Enhanced effectiveness of discovery calls, leading to better identification of prospect pain points.
  • Improved understanding and mapping of the buyer's journey for more targeted sales strategies.
  • Increased collaboration in creating mutual outcome plans, ensuring alignment with client needs.
  • Greater efficiency in advancing opportunities through the sales pipeline, reducing wasted time and resources.


12-month Start-up GTM & Sales Consulting

  • One hour per week of consulting sessions
  • Unlimited correspondence with 24 hour response
  • Deliverables tailored to suit your goals
1:1 Sales Mindset Coaching

With 16 years of experience in sales, I've weathered the highs and lows of this dynamic field. Through my journey, I've come to understand that sales is primarily a mindset game. Those who adeptly navigate the lows emerge victorious, while those who struggle may find themselves stagnant.

Are you currently facing a slump in your sales career or feeling far from where you aspire to be?

Rest assured, I've walked that path too. Drawing from my own experiences, I've cultivated the essential mindset tools needed to propel my growth and excel in sales.

  • Development of a resilient mindset to navigate and overcome sales slumps effectively
  • Acquisition of proven mindset tools to drive personal and professional growth in sales
  • Enhanced ability to maintain motivation and focus during challenging periods
  • Increased confidence and adaptability in pursuing and achieving sales goals


12-month Sales Mindset Coaching

  • One hour per month coaching session
  • Unlimited correspondence with 48 hour response
  • What we will be working on: uncovering self-limiting beliefs, self-awareness, positive thinking, motivation, mindset shifts

Secure your FREE 30-minute consultation now to determine if I am the ideal coach for you.